To shutdown someone's computer:

So first, lets get the basics here. There is a file called cmd.exe and every windows computer has it. This file can execute many different commands. Today, we will be using the : shutdown : command. We will also learn how to make different texts pop up, and set up a timer.

  1. Ok. So first, you have to open cmd.exe or else we cant do anything. To do this, just click the start button at the bottom left corner of your screen. Then search Windows for cmd.exe
  2. Now we need to type in : shutdown : . This is the base for everything we're doing today. Afterwards, there are many options you can choose from, but we're going to be using: /s :: /c :and: /t:.
    1. /s. This makes the computer shutdown only with 1 notice that you can get rid of and customise.
    2. /c. This makes it so that you can customise what the pop up says.
    3. /t. This makes it so you can place a timer for how long it wont shutdown, default is 30s, up to 600s.
  3. Now type in: /s :this lets us shutdown the computer with more options.
  4. Then put a space and type: /t [time]:which lets us choose how delay before shutdown has ("[time]" is where you put how many seconds you want it to delay. DO NOT TYPE: /t [time] :AS THIS WILL NOT WORK)
  5. Finally, type: /c :and then type in the text you want them to see as the warning(ex: U Mad? or ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )


This is basically what it should look like:

shutdown /s /t 10 /c U Mad?

(This will shutdown their computer in 10 seconds with a popup that says "Windows has encountered an unexpected error")

Thats it for todays lesson, have a great time trolling your friends and come back next time for more tutorials from The E Tribe!